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Laptop Take Home Program FAQ’s

During what period of time can my child take their laptop home?

The take home program will provide a laptop for your child over the course of the school year. The laptop must be turned back in, in acceptable working condition, before the last day of school. Over the summer our IT staff can perform general maintenance, cleaning, and software updates. Students will be reissued their assigned laptops in the fall of the upcoming school year.

There may be certain times of the year we do not allow laptops to go home, specifically for district-wide testing. At this time we are not allowing laptops to go home during testing periods. At times we may also need to perform necessary updates throughout the year and will ask the laptops to remain at school until the update is complete.

Does my child have to participate in the take home program?

No, it is up to the parent whether or not you would like your child to participate. You may sign the Opt Out letter if you chose to not participate at this time. You can always sign up at a later date.

Who can sign my child up for the take home program?

Only a parent or legal guardian can sign paperwork for this program.

What if my child continually leaves their laptop at home?

It is of upmost importance that your child returns their laptop to school each day charged and ready for class. Repeated days without bringing their laptop back to school will require us to remove them from the take home program.

What if my child leaves their computer at school?

The student or the legal guardian can return to school before 4:30 to retrieve their laptop. Their teacher must be available to release the laptop directly to the student or their guardian.

If my child violates a term on the User Agreement what is the consequence?

This computer was purchased to support educational goals and curriculum. The child may lose the opportunity to take their laptop home with them and they may also receive a suspension from their device.

Does KSC provide maintenance on my laptop?

Yes. Students enrolled in KSC will be covered by a maintenance agreement for items described in the Lenovo warranty agreement.



If my child’s laptop is out on repair or while I am replacing the laptop if it was lost or stolen, what will they use during their classes?

We have a limited supply of loaner computers available for student use. These loaners are available on a first come, first serve basis and are only issued to students whose machine is out for accidental damage. Intentional damages, negligence to computer procedures, or the loss of a device does not guarantee a loaner will be provided.

If my child’s laptop is being serviced, will they have a loaner available to bring home?

No, at this time the only laptop that is available to be taken home by your student is his/her original laptop that was checked out from the library.

What about insurance against theft or breakage through carelessness?

We recommend you purchase the third party laptop insurance plan. Intentional abuse and negligence are the responsibility of the student. The laptop company will fix accidental breakage, and will determine if the damage is beyond the scope of the school provided accidental drop insurance. The bill is your responsibility.

The best insurance is to take care of your laptop. Do not leave your laptop in the building, classroom or car unattended. Always know where your laptop is located!

What has the school done to help prevent students from going to inappropriate sites?

Each laptop is equipped with software that monitors all internet sites students attempt to access with the KSC laptop. This software blocks inappropriate sites and also logs a history of every site that is accessed. Students who access inappropriate sites are in violation of the Kokomo School Corporation Acceptable Use Policy and will be referred to an administrator for disciplinary action.

Are student laptops subject to school “snooping”; what if they bring their laptop in for repairs and “objectionable data” is detected?

Corporation personnel have the capability of monitoring student and teacher laptops even though these are assigned to students, they remain the property of the Kokomo School Corporation. Inappropriate material found on the laptop will be reported to the administration and removed from the laptop.

Can other members in our family use the laptop?

It is critical to set boundaries in your home and allow your child to have the first priority to their device. They will need it for their coursework first and foremost. It is determined by the parent whether or not others are able to use the laptop.  The parent remains responsible for any damages and usage still must fall within our user expectations. All users are held to the rules set forth by Kokomo Center’s Acceptable Use Policy

What does the student do if they lose their school-issued computer bag?

There are two options if a bag is lost. The first option is to buy a replacement laptop bag from the office for $10. The second option is to bring in your own computer bag. The bag will need to be approved by a member of the technology staff. It must include, but is not limited to, a padded space for a laptop, a separate section for pens, folders, pencils, etc. and must be in a clean condition. Computers must be transported both to and from school in an approved laptop bag. Laptops should be powered down while in transport.

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